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A popular question is: Do you regret it? I’ve thought about that question a lot lately.

I can easily think of many things that I would’ve did differently knowing what I know now, but I don’t regret anything

Plus, if any part of my life and background changed…I wouldn’t be Me! And I love me!!!

I’ll keep thinking about why I don’t regret anything and what that actually means.

In the meantime and between time…answer this? What does regret mean to you?

Advise for Advice

It’s so easy to find others who to advise you on what to and not to do; but, learning to trust your own judgment is priceless.

Besides obvious markers like the overwhelming genre – self-help! One can look anywhere in the US and find and find advice givers.

Balance is key

I’m behind ?

Am I “behind” everyone else my age? Perhaps I’m lacking some knowledge that everyone else knows…the scientist in me sees a problem in that way of thinking.

But I still feel behind! What experiences should I’ve had by this age? I’m in my early thirties btw in case you’ve wondered

Do you ever feel “behind” ?