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That ONE Post

Does anyone else wonder what that one blog post would translate to if you were suddenly no longer around?

Honestly, I think this very thought about the emails I send and the blog posts I write. What will people think of me if they canvassed my writing and read that ONE POST?

You know, like that one post you wrote when you were upset or maybe even in an impaired state of mind. Or the post you composed when you first started your blog and you just knew NO ONE would ever see it. Let’s not forget the post you wrote about a topic that you were deeply passionate about; only to really you were also very ill-informed. Or maybe it’s the nonsensical post that was just for fun at the time of writing.

All of these posts will be read one day, some more closely than others. Depending on how it happens that you are no longer managing your blog, the post will be read differently.

Have you ever heard an investigator, anthropologist, historian, or even someone’s family member piece together someone’s identity based on written documents?

What image will people have of you based on your posts? Specifically, what image will they have if they only read that one post?

How much attention should we pay to the image we cultivate through our words? Are there certain times we should pay more attention to this sculpted image?

I have the slightest idea what someone would think of me by reading any of my posts…it really depends on which post they read. However, I know one thing that even if I posted everyday; the reader would only know what I wanted them to know in that moment.

Besides I am more than any of my attributes, and my attributes are great!

Who You Are

When I spend time with others, my self perception changes.

Not in the sense that I’m easily influenced, but momentarily I see myself through their eyes.

Who are you to others? Often my self-image is tarnished by my experiences and emotions – both of those are dynamic. On the other hand, how others familiar with me see me is often constant…I assume.

My siblings think of me as intelligent, quirky, and dependable. Members of the assembly I frequent, think of me as bold, anointed, and smart. My parents think I am kind, weird, and resourceful. My colleagues think I am intelligent, reserved, and mysterious. I could go on but you get it! I’ve been told these things but how I think of myself changes like my mood.

Hmm, who am I? Who are you?

Highlight identifiers

Like everyone else I have several identifiers…like many others I ponder which identifiers to highlight while blogging.

My very first blog was on Tumblr and I focused exclusively on chronic illnesses and coping.

After so long I felt smothered by the constant posts around chronic illness. Plus the cyber support was overwhelming

After thinking about it, I let the blog go and steered clear of blogging for years.

I do enjoy writing and to an extent I enjoy sharing my thoughts

However I dislike the tunnel of what my blog is defined by. I am more than any one of my attributes.

How do you choose which identifiers to highlight while blogging?