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Friends, I have them!

I am honored to have friends.

There was a time when I may have had A friend, but definitely not many friends.

Currently, I struggle to develop lasting relationships with others.

Thankfully, those whom I consider friends looked over my tendency to keep people at a distance…and they slowly became my long term friends

Daily Prompt: Ancient

We met when I was still a teenager

we bonded once I entered my 20s

and we are still attached during my third decade of life.

At times when we discuss our previous lives together, it feels dated.

We easily realize that we need to create more memories together

because our shared memories are ancient!

They are not simply old…ancient denotes that these memories are valuable and worth being explored.

If they were simply old, we could easily discard them

These memories are the foundation which we built the present

There is certainly beauty in the ancient

It’s not always obvious, the value in the ancient but there’s a reason we study history and collect antiques.

Our memories are ancient and yet they are beautiful

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