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I Vote Because

Once in my birth country of the United States people like me were not allowed to vote. They were believed to be incapable of making independent choices.

They were thought to only be able to do certain, sometimes menial things well…voting was reserved for individuals thought to be superior.

I vote because I can, the opportunity to vote means more to me than the “weight” of my vote. It is easy to become discouraged when you vote and the things or people you voted for fail to win…I’ve been there but still I vote

I think of all those people who voted before me and I think even more so about those individuals who wanted to vote but was not allowed…I vote for them

On November 8, 2016 on my way to the polling place I injured myself, the pain quickly suggested that I forego voting and head to the nearest medical center

But I thought of those people who were once denied the right to vote so I endured the pain long enough to vote

Of course I felt that my measly vote meant nothing in the grand scheme of things but I cast my ballot anyways.

I understand the apathy and the excitement which often surrounds voting in the United States

Today I voted in honor of those who provided me with the ability, right to vote. It is always my honor to share my opinion whether it is in a vote or a topical conversation

After every election is called, some group feels wronged or unheard because the things and people they support don’t quite make it

I hope that regardless of where you stand politically you exercised your right and continue to exercise your right to vote

It is with great honor that I have ability and right to vote.

I am still very much still suffering from my early day injury, but I was able to vote and go to doctor because of people who came before me

November 8, 2016 will go on record as the day I injured myself badly on my way to polling place and still voted.

I vote in appreciation of the privilege. The United States voting policies are flawed like all others that exists but I have a right to vote and I love my rights


I will catch up on comments,likes and reading the posts of others as soon as I switch mediums!

Mobile wordpress isn’t the greatest for interaction — Remember this could be the result of my ignorance of the platform!!!

I like to keep it honest here…I’m way behind the WordPress learning curve

Why my blog is undefined?

In earlier days on a different platform, I posted primarily about life with chronic illness and the wonderful guy in my life.

That blog is no longer in existence, I still have the same wonderful guy in my life and I have many similar bouts with chronic illness

however, I use this space to write whatever comes to mind.

Indeed, my blogging is more like a journal which includes a few daily prompt post.

This blog is a reflection of where I am in life at this time.

I enjoy writing and sometimes I enjoy writing for an audience; although there’s nothing specific I prefer to focus on.

More specifically, I am deeply engaged in self discovery and some times I want to include others on that journey.

Do not expect to only find one type of content here or one subject matter

But rest assured to find a piece of me that represents the moment in time that I wrote a particular piece.

In the real world I’m placed in many boxes so here, on my  blog, I am unbound

If you enjoy, Awesome Sauce. If not, Awesome Sauce! Either way this blog will serve its purpose for me. You’re welcome to read my posts, respond to and/or like my posts, disagree or agree with my opinions in my posts…but please don’t expect me to provide clean, precise definitions of my posts.

My blog is undefined on purpose.

My brother’s pictures

My brother is an awesome photographer who has yet to be discovered. Actually I’m unsure if he realizes just how great he is and he has yet to receive formal training in photography or to have a photographer’s camera. 

He is a great photographer because he sees things that many fail to see and he captures the beauty of the most minute things.

If only he knew he was a great photographer. I have permission to use some of his early pictures and I will because my brother’s pictures are great. 

What’s Up?

What’s up all of the people who follow me? 

Laugh because I know there’s not many of you but of course you matter…there has to be one follow before there can be two, three, four and beyond

So thank you for your time, likes, comments 

I appreciate you and I’m going to work harder at not falling off the Press!


Millions…didn’t make it

What has drawn me to Daily Prompts? Why am I enthusiastic about posting daily based on whatever the prompt is? I’ve had this blog for a while, it’s been a ‘seat filler’ on WordPress…in other words, when I thought about posting or actually posted…I DELETE!

So you’re wondering, how is this related to the daily prompt – Millions?

Fear not. I haven’t deviated off topic, I’m simply on that long stretch of road between my starting point and my destination. You know, that part of the trip that makes you wonder if you’re lost, regardless of how many times you’ve taken that journey.

Like me, millions start a blog and participate in various writing activities for a short while…and DELETE!

Millions  of posts  are deleted by bloggers of all levels of engagement because we feel that it is not good enough, fails to convey the message we are attempting to broadcast, gives us an unfavorable image or is just plain bad In our opinion.

Why do we decide to keep the other millions of blog posts? How is it that these posts survive and others fail?

Whatever we post becomes visible to someone eventually and yet and still millions of people blog, millions of posts daily

Many of my posts on this very blog never saw the light of day

True enough I have yet to delete millions of posts personally, but I’ve had MILLIONS of thoughts, ideas to post about that I judged out of existence

We care about perception, even if it is just our own so we choose which of our creative posts will enter among the millions of other posts.

Those times when our posts makes it through the stringent (often unnecessarily so) self-judgment they become

1 in 1,000,000…millions didn’t make it so be proud of your post!

…via Daily Prompt: Millions