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Been a long time…

It’s been weeks since I posted or read any blog posts! All is well in my life; I’ve considered getting rid of this blog. Not sure I’ll keep up with it much anymore.

I hope everyone is well! Thanks for following my blog…

Explanation, necessary?

I have little desire to explain my position on x, y, or z; after all I’m not campaigning for political office nor attempting to win your favor.

I share whatever I desire to share and keep the rest for my life outside of cyberspace

I enjoy reading many different blogs and care little whether the blogs tell a comprehensive story.

I have little desire to share my positions, viewpoints on a, b, or c; however, I enjoy sharing little tidbits like this with you.

I Vote Because

Once in my birth country of the United States people like me were not allowed to vote. They were believed to be incapable of making independent choices.

They were thought to only be able to do certain, sometimes menial things well…voting was reserved for individuals thought to be superior.

I vote because I can, the opportunity to vote means more to me than the “weight” of my vote. It is easy to become discouraged when you vote and the things or people you voted for fail to win…I’ve been there but still I vote

I think of all those people who voted before me and I think even more so¬†about those individuals who wanted to vote but was not allowed…I vote for them

On November 8, 2016 on my way to the polling place I injured myself, the pain quickly suggested that I forego voting and head to the nearest medical center

But I thought of those people who were once denied the right to vote so I endured the pain long enough to vote

Of course I felt that my measly vote meant nothing in the grand scheme of things but I cast my ballot anyways.

I understand the apathy and the excitement which often surrounds voting in the United States

Today I voted in honor of those who provided me with the ability, right to vote. It is always my honor to share my opinion whether it is in a vote or a topical conversation

After every election is called, some group feels wronged or unheard because the things and people they support don’t quite make it

I hope that regardless of where you stand politically you exercised your right and continue to exercise your right to vote

It is with great honor that I have ability and right to vote.

I am still very much still suffering from my early day injury, but I was able to vote and go to doctor because of people who came before me

November 8, 2016 will go on record as the day I injured myself badly on my way to polling place and still voted.

I vote in appreciation of the privilege. The United States voting policies are flawed like all others that exists but I have a right to vote and I love my rights