Highlight identifiers

Like everyone else I have several identifiers…like many others I ponder which identifiers to highlight while blogging.

My very first blog was on Tumblr and I focused exclusively on chronic illnesses and coping.

After so long I felt smothered by the constant posts around chronic illness. Plus the cyber support was overwhelming

After thinking about it, I let the blog go and steered clear of blogging for years.

I do enjoy writing and to an extent I enjoy sharing my thoughts

However I dislike the tunnel of what my blog is defined by. I am more than any one of my attributes.

How do you choose which identifiers to highlight while blogging?


In the United States, many messages are received about success. These messages vary, however, many of these messages assume that everyone starts at the same position.

One look at the adult population in the United States, it’s easy to see that there are several starting points.

Success? What does it mean to you?

Explanation, necessary?

I have little desire to explain my position on x, y, or z; after all I’m not campaigning for political office nor attempting to win your favor.

I share whatever I desire to share and keep the rest for my life outside of cyberspace

I enjoy reading many different blogs and care little whether the blogs tell a comprehensive story.

I have little desire to share my positions, viewpoints on a, b, or c; however, I enjoy sharing little tidbits like this with you.

Because of you

Thank you for all of your likes and follows.

I’m still working on finding a way to streamline my blog.

Time is still limited but those moments when I have something that I must share with everyone who stumbles upon my posts, I purposely carve out a moment to do so.

Thanks again for all of your support