I need a hobby, suggestions? So far I love reading, writing,and listening to public radio.  Also love making digital scrapbooks and picture projects….I don’t have much money so I don’t want an expensive hobby… neither do I want a hobby that takes up too much space 

I pride myself on becoming a better version of me daily; however, I’m not always sure how successful I am at this. 

Something I’m learning this month is how to temper my emotional sensitivities…this is challenging because until recently I denied that I was sensitive, overly emotional

It took getting to know one of my best friends to truly see myself. With this particular friend I’ve been able to “let my hair hang down” which includes being outrageously vulnerable 

I lost my train of thought but I’m certain I had a point 

Slow down

I could use a few Yield signs during my life’s journey, even now I caution myself to slow down, savor the moment.

People often say that life is short so we should enjoy it while we have it…of course I believe this is often used to justify mischievous and irresponsible behavior, but there’s more to it than that.

I’m a planner by nature, some would say that I possess a Type A personality and that by default im a bit of a perfectionist. I’ve made many plans that failed, including the grand plan I constructed for my life.

Talk about an epic failure! Until recently I was unable to distinguish between failing at something I set out to accomplish and being a failure. Part of the major issue I faced and continue to face is that I attempt to control every aspect of my life, anyone who’s lived awhile can affirm that it’s impossible to micromanage your life…regardless of how great you are.

It’s become a signature part of my personality to have full reign over my life and the happenings of it…this is laughable! My thoughts race and I portray that I’m put together when I’m really falling apart.

I’m learning to slow down and take in my surroundings. I accept where I am currently, while I work to achieve and become greater. I acknowledge my circumstances, regardless how grim they may be but I refuse to allow them to define me. I slow down, I take deep breaths and I thrive.

When I was constantly going, flowing I missed a lot of opportunities because I couldn’t only see what I was not amd what I failed at…I couldn’t see my potential or what I accomplished in the midst of my circumstances.

Life is not some great fairy tale and yes there are things I would like to change, however, I’m glad that I took heed to the yield signs and slowed down. I’m slowing down and yet somehow I’m moving faster than I ever have before.

The ‘That’s It’ Songs 

There was once a song that I loved to hear, the song was a plea for renewal. It wasn’t only the lyrics that pulled me in, but also the divination of the soloist’s voice. I couldn’t tell you the name of the song if I tried, but for a season it served a purpose.

I have many ‘seasonal’ ‘temporal’ songs, most of which once the season ends, my fascination with the song does also. But I always recall the moments when a particular song served as my encouragement

As I continue to review my past in preparation for my future, many songs serve as evidence  markers.

I’m grateful for songwriters, singers, and musicians for sharing their gifts with me.

I don’t have a ‘that’s it’ song right now but I’m sure I’ll have one soon with the vast selection available.

Love Lasting

I thought it was best to stop loving you.

I tried my very best to terminate the love I have for you.

I thought it was best to stop loving you.

How is it that I’ve only managed to love you more.