Thank you

I appreciate all the follows, likes, and I hope to be able to engage more in the community as the summer months roll around!!! Thank you for following my blog. Stay tuned

PhD and Me

The closer I get to finishing this PhD program, the more I wonder if it was/is worth it.

I’ve sacrificed much for this lofty degree and when I started I had a plan; I had major plans…but now I’m releasing myself from all of the plans I had and letting life fall into place.

One thing I know for certain is that my plans thus far constantly changed…whether it was due to my ugly battle with endometriosis and other chronic illnesses or the people I’ve met who enlightened me…I’m not the same and my trajectory has changed.

One day I hope to look back and say: those years I sacrificed and the relationships that suffered due to my pursue of this lofty degree were worth it.

Until then, I will continue what I started because I’m too close to the finish line to stop now.



Goals in your way? I could do so much if I wasn’t working toward these personal and professional goals.

Yeah that makes no sense but my feelings don’t have to be logical



I am slowly becoming the person I was destined to be. Each day I’m appreciatng myself and my qualities more than ever.

Change isn’t easy but in this instance it’s worth it.

I am finally close enough to my dreams that I can taste them

Hip hip hooray!

As I prepare to begin my day.

I know not how the day will go

or if my fabulousness will flow

but hip hip hooray