Hip hip hooray!

As I prepare to begin my day.

I know not how the day will go

or if my fabulousness will flow

but hip hip hooray



{Insert Name Here} Loves Me

It feels good to be loved. I have often questioned the love that others show me. I questioned this love because I felt unworthy ofsuch love.

I am better now, I’ve addresssed the root of my self depreciating thoughts, feelings and I see myself in a less foggy light. My vision of myself has improved and I believe that I deserve the love that others show me.

It feels good to be loved and it feels even better to know that I’m worthy of that love

Thanks for stopping by my page and hello new followers!!! What a pleasure it is for you to read my thoughts. I’m amazed that you would spend your time reading my work.

I only blog as desired and my post are simply reflections of my thoughts at the moment. As we all know, moments change, so there may be conflicting posts!

I appreciate you for taking the time to read my work. I can only promise to stay true to myself in the moment, whatever that moment may be!