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Should I know?

One decade ago if you asked me what I wanted to do for a career, I would answer confidently.

Now as I prepare to enter the next phase of my career preparation – I cannot answer that question quite as confidently.

It’s not that I changed oh so much during the latest decade; however, I have matured and the world that I live in appears different.

I say the world appears different, not that it is different because I’m unsure if only my perspective has changed which impacts the way I see the world or if it’s different.

I know what I like and I know what I would like to do; however, I lack the tidy explanation I once had about what I want to do as a career.

In the past, I would say I wanted to become an Insert Title Here…now I have descriptors.

I would be much more comfortable with a tidy title as a response to the career questions

Love, what?

At times I wonder if I’ve ever truly loved anyone

Other times, I believe I’ve loved many

Then I ask myself what is love?

I ask others what is love?

Some illustrate love to me with the imagery of a mother loving her child.

I counter that by the countless images of mothers abusing, neglecting their children

A mother’s love is the purest love, some would say

But the images of children abused at the hands of their mother – competes with that sentiment

Some people explain love with the imagery of a deity

But that often leaves me with so many questions that it fails to explain what is love.

I’m told that there are multiple types of love.

I wonder why are there so many types of love, if love is one thing

Perhaps that is why I cannot explain what is love

And I’ll never know if I’ve loved before.

Maybe I’m using the wrong approach and love is indeed inexplicable

Shrug…love, what’s that really?

The Blog Hustle

How many times have you read posts about making thousands from your blog?

I’ve used various blogging media for years now but it seems that I come across more of those make lots of money posts now than before.

One day I will invest enough in my blog to monetize it and allow it to serve as an additional source of income

But that’s the issue! I have to seriously engage and invest in my blog to make the money worthwhile.

This is why I loathe those get rich from your blog articles…many deny the amount of time, energy and preparation that goes into for profit blogging

There’s also the issue with choosing which identifiers the blog will highlight.

As a reader I appreciate knowing that Blog Whatever by Blogger Whomever writes about Topic One always.

For a fact, my unfocused blog would drive me crazy as a reader!!!

And yet, I write about whatever I feel like.

My blog is like those journals I used to keep out in the open in my room

I would only put surface level material in those journals just in case someone decided to read it!

Yes, my blog entries are vague enough to give you something to read…yet make you wonder about the person behind the words.

It almost feels like you’re getting to know something about me…while simultaneously feeling a bit detached!

I’ve read quite a bit about how to make thousands from your blog and I break those rules quite frequently on this very blog

I completely appreciate you reading the garb I write and just like those old journals

This blog is a wonderful outlet – even if I purposely write with the thought that someone may read it and I love privacy.

I may never make thousands from blogging but I truly enjoy writing with the expectation that YOU may read it.

Thank you for reading my garb and If you are indeed making thousands from your blog – I applaud your persistence and dedication


In the United States, many messages are received about success. These messages vary, however, many of these messages assume that everyone starts at the same position.

One look at the adult population in the United States, it’s easy to see that there are several starting points.

Success? What does it mean to you?

Explanation, necessary?

I have little desire to explain my position on x, y, or z; after all I’m not campaigning for political office nor attempting to win your favor.

I share whatever I desire to share and keep the rest for my life outside of cyberspace

I enjoy reading many different blogs and care little whether the blogs tell a comprehensive story.

I have little desire to share my positions, viewpoints on a, b, or c; however, I enjoy sharing little tidbits like this with you.

Because of you

Thank you for all of your likes and follows.

I’m still working on finding a way to streamline my blog.

Time is still limited but those moments when I have something that I must share with everyone who stumbles upon my posts, I purposely carve out a moment to do so.

Thanks again for all of your support

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I’m by no means old, unless you are 17 and below, but I’m old enough to use “non-hip” language!

Like when I say something is Da Bomb or I start the dated chant about the roof being on fire! Both times I’m not referring to any emergency situation but these were popular terms, at one time.

At times I think about dating and all of the nuances it involves and I readily decide that I can’t do all of that but I would really love caking.

Yes, one of my closest friends informed me that “caking” was still a term used to refer to being abnormally sweet to someone you are attracted to. I trust that he believes it is still used but he is my age too so I don’t know.

Many of my friends have children, careers, and lead a life much different than mine. I’m sure they are not sitting around writing to strangers about how they are not really old!

I’m old enough to be respected and treated like an adult, yet young enough for someone to question whether I actually know anything for real.

Language is thought to separate and unite; words are powerful even if they are slang