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I love Cornology popcorn. I first had it in January 2016 during a visit to San Francisco. Once I arrived back to my residence I ordered Cornology a few times…I tried to ease my recent craving with popcorn that’s easily accessed in my neighborhood but … Continue reading Popcorn

Thank you

I appreciate all the follows, likes, and I hope to be able to engage more in the community as the summer months roll around!!! Thank you for following my blog. Stay tuned

Hip hip hooray!

As I prepare to begin my day.

I know not how the day will go

or if my fabulousness will flow

but hip hip hooray




While reading posts, I was ready to like one…then I noticed it was an old post of mine and I needed to refresh the screen! I don’t post often but some of my posts are poetry…is that narcissistic?


I need a hobby, suggestions? So far I love reading, writing,and listening to public radio.  Also love making digital scrapbooks and picture projects….I don’t have much money so I don’t want an expensive hobby… neither do I want a hobby that takes up too much space