Communication Problems, I have those

He’s the one who knows me best. He’s the one I desire when anything noteworthy occurs in my life. Yet, he’s the one I lash out at when I’m internally upset about things that he has nothing to do with. What exactly do I expect him to do? Why am I being so unfair? Why must I unrealistically expect him to drop his personal life situations and handle mine?

How many times will I apologize for my unfair, biased approach to our relationship, friendship? Why do I attempt to justify my wrongs with what I consider his wrongs? I should just accept my wrongs as my own and work on myself because that’s what I can do.

I annoy myself and I must improve my communication.

3 thoughts on “Communication Problems, I have those

  1. The first step into solving any problem is acknowledging that there is a problem, which you have done. Also, just curious how he reacts when you lash out at him on things he has nothing to do with?

      1. Ok, he seems like the type of guy that I am…. I know if a person complain to me about a problem I’m going to give you a solution but don’t want to hear the person come back later complaining about the same things, when they haven’t done what I told them yet…

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