Choosing a career

When I grow up I want to be {fill in the blank}.

How many times did the {fill in the blank} career change for you?

I was privileged to acquire postsecondary and post-baccalaureate education before officially embarking on a career. Some individuals suggest that my education is more of a curse than a blessing; yet, I consider it a blessing so let’s go with that.

So how many times did your fill in the blank change when considering what career you want? I know mine has changed multiple times, even since I’ve been an adult…also more recently how I filled in the blank changed.

You recall I suggested that my education is a privilege and a blessing…well! I pursued and completed this education with another career goal in mind so that’s that.

Thankfully, all of my degrees blessed me with transferable skills and the fact that I’m a proud owner of a PhD opens doors for me with ease.

Be honest, if I touted my PhD regularly I would even have more readers. Dr. Bell said XYZ, gets a lot more coverage than Amber said!

That’s the world we live in! I’m an expert now because the degree says so.

Anyways, I’ve had many career aspirations through the years and my fill in the blank kept changing.

At one point I filled that space in with Attorney, Pediatric Cardiologist, Sociologist, Novelist – not to be confused with a regular writer lol -, Activist, Researcher, and a Motivational Speaker, etc!

I didn’t even put down the instances when I filled in the blank with Model or big time choir director! Oh I’ve wanted to be a lot of different things at various times throughout my life.

One thing I try to remind younger people is that many people change how they fill in the blank through the years so when considering postsecondary education, choose a field with transferable skills.

Newsflash: most degrees have transferable skills. I am also that person who suggest that not everyone needs to pursue formal education to meet their dreams. In other words, I fail to believe that formal education should be pursued haphazardly… especially, when an individual has to take on debt.

Pause: most of the people I know who would ask me for advice would have to take on a considerable amount of debt to pursue education so I am of mind to help them make sure they are ready and willing to undertake the headaches that come with educational pursuits.

It’s ok if your fill in the blank changes; but make sure that you don’t allow fear to keep you from doing something.

I can admit that I may not be Dr. Bell now if I knew that my career goals would change so drastically upon completion of the program.

Thankfully, every experience that I’ve had thus far is beneficial for my newly discovered career goals.

When I grow up I want to be {don’t worry it will likely change}!

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