This song reminds me of you…

This song reminds me of you…

When you develop a relationship with someone whether it is romantic or platonic, there’s likely something that reminds you of them. There are songs that remind me of my exciting, mostly carefree days (comparatively speaking) in high school and undergrad with my friends. Those songs generally make me smile.

There are also songs that remind me of sad occasions like funerals of loved ones. Let’s not forget the songs that remind me of exes…it often takes me awhile after a relationship ends to even listen to those songs again.

I’ve been known to dislike organizations and brands for awhile after the dissolution of a relationship. Seriously, its like oh no The Ex loved or work for that brand, so it puts a bad taste in my mouth. I realized this one day when I was traveling with friends and I saw a company’s name plastered in big neon letters, I started to cry, angry tears. It is funny now…but my reaction was so strong because I hadn’t dealt with the dissolution of that relationship.

Thankfully, my friends were understanding, and they simply let me cry for a moment without making me feel senseless! Even today I think of this individual when I see the name brand; however, I am past that relationship. In fact, I am grateful that I had the ability to be in that relationship and I see that this individual was a good person, just not for me.

Back to the songs, of course the longer that you know someone, more songs are likely to remind you of them. For instance, the number of songs that remind me of my sister who’s less than three years older than I, is higher than the songs for people I’ve known for a shorter time. Some of the songs that remind me of my sister include songs that we would sing together and dedicate to individuals we were crushing on when we were youths — these songs were dedicated in the privacy of our home and without the knowledge of the intended crushes!

Then there’s the individual who captured my heart and held it for a long time. Many songs remind me of this individual. Some of these songs are ones that we discussed, others are reflections of my feelings at various times, and yet others are songs that were often background music during our many phone conversations.

The songs do not always represent the person or my feelings toward them, for instance, there are some dance songs that remind me of various friends because I can imagine them dancing to it or because it was an inside joke.

I am careful, not to place any songs in this piece because we are judged by the type of music we listen to and I want you to judge me by my writing! Yes, I want you to judge me by the things I write about and decide whether you like it or not.

Ooh a song came on that provokes a good memory, so until next time!

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