Small Town Love

I was born in the suburbs; raised in the country; became an adult while residing in various college towns.

I know little of the suburbs; however, due to the extenuating circumstances surrounding my birth, I lived in one for the first few months of my life.

I don’t remember those days, but I’ve seen pictures of me surrounded by advanced for the time medical equipment and I’ve heard stories about the beginnings of my life.

I could write more about that…hmm…maybe in another post. Right now I have to get to my small town love.

When I say I was raised in the country – don’t think of country life as on movies and television. I don’t know how to drive a tractor (or a car for that matter – another post!). I don’t know the first thing about field work or even gardening. I would have to consult my elder family members if I was to ever lose the basic essentials that I take for granted…seriously!

So instead of country, maybe I should say I was raised in a small town. At one time in my life, the residents were familiar with who lived here or at least their family units.

For instance, I recall being in one of the grocery stores (yes we do have those here…stereotypes, run deep!) and someone would ask me if I was my maternal grandmother’s granddaughter or my paternal grandfather’s granddaughter…once I said yes, my personal identity (like my name) was unimportant.

Thankfully, my grandparents’ reputations were good so I proudly identified myself with them. Currently, if someone asks me who I am, I identify my grandparents (they are more well known than my parents).

My high school was small and graduating from high school is still a major achievement in this area.

I love my small hometown and it has loved me through the years.

Now that I’m finished with my educational pursuits (I really do have a PhD and it’s not a Playa Hating Degree!) and I’m in my hometown I have a newfound fondness for this place.

As a teenager, I wanted to move away; go to three different universities in different states and get a degree from each of them and ultimately get a PhD. I did something like that.

Wait! I need to tell my teenaged self that the moving, three different schools, three different degrees, including the PhD — overrated! I’m thankful and consider myself blessed, but it certainly wasn’t the ADVENTURE I imagined.

Ooh I have a hard time staying on topic – small town love!

I love small towns, at least I can appreciate a sense of community. Wherever my adventure, takes me next I desire a small town feel, suburban amenities and security, and big city entertainment.

In many ways, I can do whatever I want to with my life now. I have the education and charisma to be an asset to many different sectors. I have no personal ties, keeping me in any certain area, and I have many individuals in my small town cheering me on.

I love my small town and it’s people love me!!!

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