I have a PhD…so what?

Nothing is ever quite like we imagine it, once we finally get it.

That person you’ve longed for; ends up being ordinary

That cake you’ve craved; was just another cake.

But when you’re in the time of desire; everything is so much better.

I’m happy I have a PhD. Ecstatic really, but all those years I dreamed of finally being Dr…was much better

Those times I daydreamed that people would refer to me as Dr…made me smile.

I even toyed around during my secondary years by having friends jokingly refer to me as Dr. Love – since I always handed out relationship advice!

Those were good times and now I am the proud owner of a genuine PhD in an actual academic discipline from a authentic university and all I can think is So What?

The moral of the story is don’t let any one thing define you. Even if it’s something you’ve worked hard for or have always wanted know that you are more than any one attribute.

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