Bye 2018, Hello 2019

In January, I had an unremarkable birthday.

In February, I broadened some youngsters’ appreciation of Black History.

In March, I failed to meet a deadline, again.

In April, I socialized more.

In May, I dealt with the consequences of the missed deadline.

In June, I recklessly spent money in an attempt to compensate for the missed deadline.

In July, I took a vacation but failed to relax.

In August, I finished mourning the missed deadline and received a new deadline.

In September, I enjoyed family while I stressed over the new deadline.

In October, I successfully met that deadline.

In November, I enjoyed family and tried to feel relieved.

In December, I received a PhD and realized I wanted more out of life.

In 2018, I laughed, cried, yelled, smiled and everything in between. I mourned the version of my adult life I’d created when I was but a teen!

So 2019, will be the first year that I’m without some plan or idea of who and what I am or what my life should or shouldn’t be. This is good because I am finally open to what is meant for me. This is hard because I love my plans!

A decade ago is the first time my planned life was shaken…now my planned life is only an archived memory. The girl who planned that life, did not have the privilege of knowing the woman she’d planned the life for.

There’s no way she could’ve know that, the woman wouldn’t fit into those plans. I was that girl and that planned life kept me going. Literally propelling me to reach for my goals. In that regard, that planned life will always be cherished, but I’m thankful that those girl’s plans fail to fit this woman’s life.

There’s more trials, tribulations and triumphs for me in 2019.

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