Stay Focus

Stay focus, those were the last words a loved one spoke to me.

At the time, I thought it was odd because I was at the beginning of my long educational journey that would ultimately lead to a PhD

The young, naive individual that I was at the time wanted to tell this loved one to open their eyes…so they would see that I AM FOCUSED.

A few short weeks later, this loved one was no longer living, they could never tell me again to stay focused.

The implications of those last words changed once the speaker could no longer elaborate on what they meant…even if I desperately wanted them to.

Fast forward to today, many years later…I appear focused because I have not abandoned this long journey to the PhD

But I desperately need to be told to Stay Focused. It’s so easy to neglect my studies at this point in life.

Many people remain in the All But Dissertation limbo for various reasons

Personally, it seems that every other day I have to recalibrate my focus to stay on track with my writing project.

And during those times, I recall the young, naive woman who was offended by her loved one’s insistence that she stay focused and I realize that my loved one saw a glimpse of the long educational journey that I had to travel in order to reach my destination of the doctorate degree and knew that at times I would struggle with to Stay Focused.

Now, instead of being offended and wanting to prove to my loved one that I was focused, I am thankful for the insight they had. I am grateful for the times I can picture them reminding me to stay focused.

Even today, when I’m worn out from writing and thinking how this dissertation topic can kick rocks…I am reminded to Stay Focused!

The messages someone relays to you, may not resonate until much later in life after many changes.

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