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I’m by no means old, unless you are 17 and below, but I’m old enough to use “non-hip” language!

Like when I say something is Da Bomb or I start the dated chant about the roof being on fire! Both times I’m not referring to any emergency situation but these were popular terms, at one time.

At times I think about dating and all of the nuances it involves and I readily decide that I can’t do all of that but I would really love caking.

Yes, one of my closest friends informed me that “caking” was still a term used to refer to being abnormally sweet to someone you are attracted to. I trust that he believes it is still used but he is my age too so I don’t know.

Many of my friends have children, careers, and lead a life much different than mine. I’m sure they are not sitting around writing to strangers about how they are not really old!

I’m old enough to be respected and treated like an adult, yet young enough for someone to question whether I actually know anything for real.

Language is thought to separate and unite; words are powerful even if they are slang

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