Bama the Dog

My brother’s dog is quite a character and I’m not what anyone would consider a dog (or animal) person.

I get along with Bama and I’m not afraid of him so that’s a plus.

His favorite treat is Doggy Bacon and Doggy Jerky is a close second.

He is finally out of his chewing phase, but he still likes to adjust pillows for his comfort. He is what many would consider friendly, playful, and very protective of those he is closest to.

My brother named him Bama because of my family’s love for Alabama football. It’s funny when we watch a game and constantly yell out Go Bama, Roll Tide! The dog Bama looks quizzical, like he’s trying to figure out why we keep calling him.

Bama loves sunny days that are not too hot. He sits in the yard like he knows what it means to Just Chill.

He also loves to snuggle and get head rubs. When he is really feeling affectionate, he rubs his body on your legs and if he can, he does this multiple times.

That’s certainly one of the things I have yet to adjust to.

I talk to him a lot, especially when we are the only ones awake. When he wants to go out to potty or just to enjoy the weather, instead of barking…he first does this weird whine like he is trying to use words.

I’m pretty sure this is because he has caught on that I’m more likely to hear a high pitched whine, than a low pitch bark considering that I have single sided deafness

His favorite place to sleep is anywhere my brother is. He really loves his sleep. He is still a puppy so he loves to sleep.

Bama is one of a kind, I’ve grown quite fond of him and that says a lot considering, I’m generally afraid of dogs (and all animals).

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