Be kind to yourself

As someone who openly admits to suffering from chronic illness and pain; without necessarily disclosing the illness(es) that occupy my physical being…I can honestly say that being kind to myself is a challenge

It doesn’t take much convincing for me to be kind to others even if they refuse to be kind to me, but for some reason I seem to subscribe to the belief that I’m undeserving of my own kindness

Living with chronic illness and pain highlights this for me because I often have to adjust my way of life to accommodate the illness and pain

Often I tell my friends to rest, relax, take it easy when their bodies need to recuperate, recover

however, it is extreme difficult for me to accept that advice on a regular basis…because I have to (or should) take it easy on a regular basis

Life with chronic illness and pain requires that I don’t use all my good moments up in one batch. I have to spread tasks out in order to do them successfully or choose to do everything at once and lose days after the tasks are complete

When I lose days I feel bad and like a failure, although the only thing I’m failing at is being kind to myself

so as I make more concerted efforts toward being kind to myself, I hope that you are kind to yourself too, your hang up may not be chronic illness and pain but we all have some area that we are too hard on ourselves about


Be kind everyone

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