Daily Prompt: Flames

Have you ever been so inspired by something that you simply had to share the moment with another person? I have.

When I think of that intense inspiration I picture it as a flame. Take a moment to imagine with me a time when you felt like you had it all figured out and you could conquer the world…ok so maybe it was not that grand, but inspirational nonetheless. Yes, now you see it, that’s the moment I’m referring to.

How do I know that you’re picturing a similar moment to the one I imagine. Well, I do not know for certain but I know that the human experience is filled with many such moments, so the chance is great that you are picturing one now or at least that you will before I finish.

This moment could be that one time you really wanted to be a superhero like the figures you adored from your favorite shows or book. Personally, I was sure as I could ever be that I could become one of those Rangers of Power who Mightily Morphed…I wanted to be the Red one (google Red Ranger Power Mighty if you’re lost with that reference. Hint: google will correct the order of the words). My overarching desire to be the Red one led to me not only requesting every item related to that particular character, but to me practicing the moves (in my mind I could do them just like the televised Red one).

Huh? Inspiration and believing you can be (are) a fictional superhero – how does that even go together? And where’s this FLAME šŸ”„ you speak of? Yes, I knew you were thinking that because we all love when things make sense!

The reason I point out this particular time in my life when I was inspired by a fictional children’s show to the point that I ACTED on this inspiration knowing that I could indeed be (was) a superhero is because adulthood, responsibilities often dims the flames šŸ”„ that we once had.

Of course, I’ve had several moments when I’ve felt the flame šŸ”„ of inspiration since those times many years ago when I desired to be (knew that I was) the Red One…but my understanding of how the world šŸŒŽ works and how much work I would really have to do in order to act dimmed my flame of inspiration.

The drops of water šŸ’¦ placed on my flame šŸ”„ of inspiration slowly kills my desire to act nowadays whereas when I wanted to be (knew I was) the Red One, a superhero who looked like an everyday person most of the time but could easily morph into a mighty one that stood up for what was believed to be right against all who tried to hurt the people, place that the Red One loved.

No, I don’t want to be a superhero anymore, however, I do want my flame šŸ”„ of undeniable inspiration that led to action to return.

So now that I’m at the end of my post, Do you remember a moment when your flame šŸ”„ (of inspiration and action) was blazing?

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