A Book That You Can Read

I enjoy reading and writing. I love discovering new ideas by reading other people’s work and I enjoy sharing my ideas so others can do with them what they wish. So I spend time thinking what makes a book readable, what makes an article or blog post readable? 

Of course there are some very subjective criteria when it comes to reading anything, but there are a few things that makes something readable

1. Grammar and spelling errors, unrelated to “character speak” (the voice the author gives a character to create a rich story) must be kept to a minimum. Seriously, these should be hard to locate in a written piece.

2. The story must flow, too much time on any one part takes away from the story. Wonderful pieces can easily be lost with the lack of flow.

3. A point or a few points must be made in a written piece to make it readable 

I don’t know about you but I’ve stopped reading several potentially insightful pieces because these conditions were unmet. I am trying to read a book now and the story’s flow is off…it’s taking too long to develop characters and the storyline although the grammar and spelling are superb. 

I can read most things with no problem but it is so much easier when the piece is readable. I may disagree or dislike what I read but I can always appreciate solid writing.

What makes a book readable for you? 

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