Why my blog is undefined?

In earlier days on a different platform, I posted primarily about life with chronic illness and the wonderful guy in my life.

That blog is no longer in existence, I still have the same wonderful guy in my life and I have many similar bouts with chronic illness

however, I use this space to write whatever comes to mind.

Indeed, my blogging is more like a journal which includes a few daily prompt post.

This blog is a reflection of where I am in life at this time.

I enjoy writing and sometimes I enjoy writing for an audience; although there’s nothing specific I prefer to focus on.

More specifically, I am deeply engaged in self discovery and some times I want to include others on that journey.

Do not expect to only find one type of content here or one subject matter

But rest assured to find a piece of me that represents the moment in time that I wrote a particular piece.

In the real world I’m placed in many boxes so here, on my  blog, I am unbound

If you enjoy, Awesome Sauce. If not, Awesome Sauce! Either way this blog will serve its purpose for me. You’re welcome to read my posts, respond to and/or like my posts, disagree or agree with my opinions in my posts…but please don’t expect me to provide clean, precise definitions of my posts.

My blog is undefined on purpose.

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