Month: November 2016

Stop Thinking and Feel

I’m an analytical person and not just because of my specialized training in academic studies. This characteristic some times stifles my progress, my ability to relate to others. When I feel different from my daily average, I analyze why I feel that way and attempt to justify whatever feelings I’m experiencing, however, I often fail to stop thinking and just feel.

My thought process goes something like this: I feel down, I likely feel down because I didn’t accomplish anything today, or maybe I feel down because I don’t have strong relationships, maybe I want new friends and I feel down because I can’t make any, maybe I feel down because I’m overwhelmed with my work, maybe it’s just my hormones, etc, well it’s ok to feel down

Then instead of allowing myself to feel down I pretend that I don’t feel down so that I can skip out on the experience of actually feeling down.

Why is it so hard to stop thinking, trying to fix myself and just feel whatever it is I feel in that moment? 

To experience feelings I have to let my protective guard down and simply allow the feelings to be present in the moment with me.

I feel a lot of things right now that do not make sense and cannot be placed in a pretty bottle or box so I must stop thinking about feeling and simply feel it. 

I’m not sure I can do that. 

A Book That You Can Read

I enjoy reading and writing. I love discovering new ideas by reading other people’s work and I enjoy sharing my ideas so others can do with them what they wish. So I spend time thinking what makes a book readable, what makes an article or blog post readable? 

Of course there are some very subjective criteria when it comes to reading anything, but there are a few things that makes something readable

1. Grammar and spelling errors, unrelated to “character speak” (the voice the author gives a character to create a rich story) must be kept to a minimum. Seriously, these should be hard to locate in a written piece.

2. The story must flow, too much time on any one part takes away from the story. Wonderful pieces can easily be lost with the lack of flow.

3. A point or a few points must be made in a written piece to make it readable 

I don’t know about you but I’ve stopped reading several potentially insightful pieces because these conditions were unmet. I am trying to read a book now and the story’s flow is off…it’s taking too long to develop characters and the storyline although the grammar and spelling are superb. 

I can read most things with no problem but it is so much easier when the piece is readable. I may disagree or dislike what I read but I can always appreciate solid writing.

What makes a book readable for you? 

I Vote Because

Once in my birth country of the United States people like me were not allowed to vote. They were believed to be incapable of making independent choices.

They were thought to only be able to do certain, sometimes menial things well…voting was reserved for individuals thought to be superior.

I vote because I can, the opportunity to vote means more to me than the “weight” of my vote. It is easy to become discouraged when you vote and the things or people you voted for fail to win…I’ve been there but still I vote

I think of all those people who voted before me and I think even more so¬†about those individuals who wanted to vote but was not allowed…I vote for them

On November 8, 2016 on my way to the polling place I injured myself, the pain quickly suggested that I forego voting and head to the nearest medical center

But I thought of those people who were once denied the right to vote so I endured the pain long enough to vote

Of course I felt that my measly vote meant nothing in the grand scheme of things but I cast my ballot anyways.

I understand the apathy and the excitement which often surrounds voting in the United States

Today I voted in honor of those who provided me with the ability, right to vote. It is always my honor to share my opinion whether it is in a vote or a topical conversation

After every election is called, some group feels wronged or unheard because the things and people they support don’t quite make it

I hope that regardless of where you stand politically you exercised your right and continue to exercise your right to vote

It is with great honor that I have ability and right to vote.

I am still very much still suffering from my early day injury, but I was able to vote and go to doctor because of people who came before me

November 8, 2016 will go on record as the day I injured myself badly on my way to polling place and still voted.

I vote in appreciation of the privilege. The United States voting policies are flawed like all others that exists but I have a right to vote and I love my rights