Daily Prompt: Transformation

Do you recall, when you first saw a caterpillar? One of the most memorable caterpillars I’ve ever seen frightened me!

No, I wasn’t one of those people who was scared of bugs, but have you ever truly looked at a caterpillar? They are not the most appealing creatures!

around this same time, I learned that caterpillars transformed into butterflies…I still find this hard to believe, although I’ve never researched this so-called fact on my own, I guess it’s true!

I am not saying, it’s false, but I’m saying I’ve never seen a caterpillar transform into a butterfly.

More specifically, I’ve never seen one of those super ugly caterpillars become a beautiful butterfly.

However, once I really looked at a butterfly and although it looks differently than a caterpillar, there is evidence of its former self present in its new form.

Honestly, the butterfly isn’t all that beautiful, grand like the caterpillar isn’t really ugly, scary…

Upon deeper inspection, all that is truly evident Is a transformation. Though the butterfly gets the glory, without the caterpillar 🐛 it could not exist.

Unlike me you may have had the privilege to see a caterpillar transform into a butterfly but even if you haven’t know that the foundation provided by the caterpillar serves as the base for the beauty of the butterfly.

How can you relate this to your daily life, as you transform?

Know that although some will only know you as the caterpillar or the butterfly, all phases of your life make up your beauty.

You may transform into a butterfly, but there’s always some caterpillar left.

If all else, remember that I don’t even know if it’s true that caterpillars transform…I wasn’t the best student and this could simply be a tale that others tell to give you hope…if so, what’s wrong with s little hope?

Accept your caterpillar past, embrace your butterfly future and know that both are a part of your beauty.

via Daily Prompt: Transformation

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