Daily Prompt: Artificial

Yesterday, I had a fruit roll and it was good. Depending on your perspective what exactly a fruit roll is varies. We call many things by names that don’t exactly convey, the ingredients in them or even what they truly are.

For instance, the image that I think of when I say cake…is not the edible treat but a movie about a daughter seeking her father’s approval by stepping in to run his suffering wedding magazine when he falls ill. I don’t think of my grandmother’s decadent homemade or semi-homemade cakes that sit on her kitchen table in a decorative lidded cake plate.

Back to my fruit roll, did I mention that it was good? This particular fruit roll is allegedly made of real fruit and is dried fruit purée. I say allegedly because I purchased and since it wasn’t homemade how can I really know?

Oh yes, of course I know that it tastes different from the fruit rolls that are easily found in most grocery stores in the snack aisle…but I also know that many items claim to be free of artificial ingredients are no more healthy than their counterparts.

Artificial has become a dirty word when it really shouldn’t be…we use artificial means to heat, cool ourselves and yet we don’t find much trouble with that. Yes even solar panels bring in artificial elements in order to acquire heat from the very genuine sun.

When we garden we use artificial tools even if we don’t use chemicals and let’s not forget many unhealthy, environmentally unfriendly items are artificial.

My fruit roll was delicious and even if all the ingredients were genuine, there were some element of artificial In the process of getting them to me…

For a fact, my fruit roll was so good I decided to write a nonsensical post about how it’s superior because it wasn’t artificial…although I kind of never really made my point.

My point turns out to be that this daily prompt is not the real one because it’s artificial!!!

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