Millions…didn’t make it

What has drawn me to Daily Prompts? Why am I enthusiastic about posting daily based on whatever the prompt is? I’ve had this blog for a while, it’s been a ‘seat filler’ on WordPress…in other words, when I thought about posting or actually posted…I DELETE!

So you’re wondering, how is this related to the daily prompt – Millions?

Fear not. I haven’t deviated off topic, I’m simply on that long stretch of road between my starting point and my destination. You know, that part of the trip that makes you wonder if you’re lost, regardless of how many times you’ve taken that journey.

Like me, millions start a blog and participate in various writing activities for a short while…and DELETE!

Millions  of posts  are deleted by bloggers of all levels of engagement because we feel that it is not good enough, fails to convey the message we are attempting to broadcast, gives us an unfavorable image or is just plain bad In our opinion.

Why do we decide to keep the other millions of blog posts? How is it that these posts survive and others fail?

Whatever we post becomes visible to someone eventually and yet and still millions of people blog, millions of posts daily

Many of my posts on this very blog never saw the light of day

True enough I have yet to delete millions of posts personally, but I’ve had MILLIONS of thoughts, ideas to post about that I judged out of existence

We care about perception, even if it is just our own so we choose which of our creative posts will enter among the millions of other posts.

Those times when our posts makes it through the stringent (often unnecessarily so) self-judgment they become

1 in 1,000,000…millions didn’t make it so be proud of your post!

…via Daily Prompt: Millions

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