Daily Prompt: Underground

On the surface, all appears cool, calm and collected but what lies underground is anything but…

Even Earth, herself can only contain the tumultuous below the surface for so long.

We’ve all heard of or experienced times when Earth’s underground makes her presence known.

Ironically, mere moments before underground’s destruction came to the forefront, the surface was cool, calm and collected.

But Earth is not the her I think of when I think of the underground…and neither are the now celebrated women who led many to freedom through the Underground Railroad, a complex, impressive, and amazing aspect of the United States’ complicated history.

I think of the many individuals, particularly the women  I know, who go throughout their days appearing to be the picture of stillness and cordiality, when deep within them (in their personal underground) there’s calamity, anxiety, and all other emotions.

To some of you, this may be a stretch, but it simply takes time to think about it and effort to understand what is meant by underground.

We often hear stories of horrible things happening in an underground system from child trafficking to theft of bodily organs

But there’s an underground that we don’t like to discuss, unless it’s the flavor of the month.

Those deeply rooted beliefs and ideas that we hold about ourselves and others that goes against what we feel we should believe.

Those unnecessary pressures we have on ourselves which are impossible to achieve.

There are many more things that we have in our personal underground that haunt us on a daily basis.

The most difficult thing is learning how to keep the underground from raging through and interpreting our lives like those earthquakes and corruption we hear about all too often.

Daily Prompt: Underground

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