Unworthy of Love

It is safe to say that at times I’ve felt a mixture of both being unworthy of love and being unloved

Not shockingly, I’ve struggled with this as a child also

As far as being unworthy is concerned I fail to see why anyone would waste time loving me

When I feel this way, I devalue myself

for example, I feel that I am far from anything special

plus I honestly believe that I am majorly damaged goods.

Thats how I feel during those low times

Additionally, it’s no surprise that during these times I feel unloved by the very individuals who proclaim their love for me

When these people are too busy with their own lives to tend to mine, I take that as proof to my outrageous belief

It is true, we see what we want often

Plus it doesn’t help that I project an image that I am always able to take care of myself and I need NO assistance

Even still when my loved ones, let me handle my own

I feel dejected

In reality, I absolutely love to be helped

and I love to be told the reasons why I am loved and why people desire to help me

I recognized long ago the roots of feeling of unworthiness, but only recently have I began to address it and

see myself for how amazing I truly am.

I am beyond worthy of love and most importantly I am truly loved


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