Blah, blah, blah…who cares what’s on my mind in the middle of the night or should I refer to this time as early morning? Blah, blah, blah

I felt the undercurrent, I tried to escape before it happened, but I was too late so now I must clean the mess that was made.

I am tired of living with endometriosis and all of the other painful ailments housed in my body. Now that I’m actively around more people on a regular basis, it’s clear how much endometriosis truly impacts my life

it feels like a defeat when I cry as a result of the pain. I am tired of explaining how endometriosis and the associated pain effect me.

I am simply tired of endometriosis


I may not understand everything and I am unable to explain everything in great detail with certainty but I trust that all things work together for my good

I never expected to experience heartbreak all over again. I want to know how to do better with the next individual, I want to learn from this.

I wish someone would give me the guidebook of how to stop loving someone you genuinely love. All I know for certain is that I love him and it’s going to take time for that to change.

Trust me, when I say that I am more sad, hurt than angry, mad…it was the delivery that caused the most hurt. I thought we were friends and could talk about anything.

It would be easier if he was a jerk or even if there was someone else but there’s not so that leaves me.

I was never the greatest and I certainly have flaws but I thought if things did end, it would be through a phone call.

I am not ready to leave but I’m also not ready to stay. I’m in a limbo.

I’m not like some people I know, I don’t feel like I’ve lost any of myself or my worth. I know that I will have a wonderful life without him but I did lose my friend, my companion, my shoulder to lean on. And regardless of who I ultimately end up with, no one will be able to take his place.

I will likely love again but what I had with him sits in a class all by itself. That’s the beauty of it, I still see him as a great man with greatness ahead; although, popular culture suggests that I should see him as evil.

I know that there’s no one to blame in this situation, but I also accept responsibility for the part I played. I also know that he loved me once, although it’s easy to believe that it was all a lie.

He is a great man and no one can tell me anything. I miss my friend, my love but I respect his wishes.


pain during ovulation

i think about how life will be if I try to conceive one day – how will that be possible if i am in crippling pain during the times i am most fertile


I’m far from ready to conceive but due to having endometriosis I’ve been confronted with the idea of being infertile. My diagnosis occurred early in life so these talks dominated my youth